Dr. Ricotta offers patients psychoeducational/social communication groups for children/adolescents diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders, (High Functioning Autism/formerly Asperger's), and Nonverbal Learning Disorders). These are generally held once each year. These groups consist of eight child/adolescent group sessions and three parent sessions.

The Social Communication skills group for children/adolescents diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (High Functioning Autism and those formerly diagnosed with Asperger's Disorder), and Nonverbal Learning Disorder is a safe, highly instructive environment where group members can learn the necessary skills to relate appropriately to other people in both school and social settings. Topics that are covered in groups include social entry and exit skills (greetings, introducing oneself, starting joining, maintaining, and ending a conversation); feelings and emotions; friendship management; skills dealing with managing stress, and social planning skills. Skills are learned, practiced and reinforced in the safety of the group setting.